Liverpool skyline at dusk

Liverpool skyline at dusk

Last week I went back up the Anglican Cathedral bell tower for sunset and dusk. It really is stunning from up there. As nice as it was I know theres definitely potential for a better shot from up there. But it really is something. You can see all the way to Wales, the Runcorn Bridge and ships on the horizon. All these places take time to drive to and yet they’re just *there*. Its some view.


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13 thoughts on “Liverpool skyline at dusk”

  1. Getting the lens extended into the vertical openings is difficult and doesn’t leave much room for subsequent composition.

  2. Stunning photo Pete, i love how much detail you can get in your shots without making it look false, and that looks like a fantastic location, and i am sure you will be up there many more times.

  3. I’m even more impressed by this after visiting myself today. You’re right, the view is fantastic, but it’s incredibly frustrating – as Drunk Tank mentioned – how limiting the openings are for shooting from, and it makes using a tripod very difficult, so hats off to you! Personally I was expecting more of an open view.

    Out of interest, what lens did you use for this shot (I realise it’s HDR)? And did you use a tripod yourself?

  4. I am interested as well about what lens you used for this shot.

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