The new HDR book

I spent a good part of this year writing a new HDR tutorial book. We looked at the first book and threw out everything that was wrong. I was a different photographer when I wrote the 1st edition. I would HDR anything. After all that’s what the cool kids did. I don’t believe in that


I like to think I’ve grown a bit over the years and updating the HDR guide book has really proven to me that I have. Five years ago I did this photo of my mates Honda S2000. I threw contrast and heavy vignetting at an already over-processed tone mapped image. It was so cool! …

The old view over Canning Dock

12th September, 2006. Remember this view? The old Walk the Plank ship, now gone. A great view of the Liver Building and the Port of Liverpool building with a clear view out to sunset. Its all so different now. This is a HDR from 3 bracketed exposures on my old Canon 30D. It’s featured in

Cwm Idwal

  I think its been about 2 weeks since I last posted. Sorry about that. I’ve been incredibly busy writing the new HDR book, sorting The Print Aid Project, working on Rezz and doing commercial work in between. Its good to be busy.   This is a HDR image, or more precisely was and has

Inside an old airplane

On Saturday we were lucky enough to have a tour inside an old plane. There’s a group in Liverpool who spend their free time restoring them. Really fascinating stuff. The plane we were in had its tail rudder ripped off in the high winds the other day and they were currently restoring that. You can