Valencia 2011 – Part 2

In Valencia our hotel was situated right next to the port. Being from the Liverpool City Region we love a good port. It was interesting seeing familiar ships visiting. Our main reason for being here was not to look at the port though. It was to sit on the beach and rest after running the

Paris Day 4

September 2010 Our final full day in Paris. We had a lazy morning, packed and went to Amelie’s cafe for lunch. We’ve been many times and it’s a solid little cafe. Never too busy with tourists. Highly recommend it. Nice to say goodbye to the Montmartre area. After lunch it rained. It rained heavily. Our

Paris – Day 1

September 2010 My first trip to Paris. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a city for romantics, passion and love. Would I feel that way? At the time I didn’t feel that but over the years I’ve been visiting the city I have fallen in love with it. I never get bored of walking


I think dusk is my favourite time of day. There’s the contrast of natural and unnatural light. It’s so fleeting too. You have maybe 10 minutes to get a good photo whereas Golden Hour is well, an hour. I just love to shoot black and white at this time of day. 


It’s 15th November. There are 30 days in this month so my blogging experiment is at the half way point. I’m trying to write more about autism but I’m running into walls. There are too many websites out there discussing autism and it is hard to know which are factually accurate. So I’ve written a

Canary Wharf

I took and posted this photo nearly 5 years ago. The other day I was browsing old work digging out photos for my portfolio. I found these old London photos and well I threw up. It takes a long time to unlearn bad habits like over processing. I’ve been on a drive for that for