Liverpool – A work in progress

This was such a hard photo to do. It was shot through a window, so it had some reflections in it. The sky was dull, but HDR helped. However during the processing it hit me, what exactly am I trying to say? Dramatic skies over a building site says…? It made me think about HDR’ing everything. I usually do it to make an image more powerful and dramatic. In this case I had to do it because the images felt dull due to a grey sky. The end result was possibly a bit too dramatic for what is essentially just a building site. Should I just label it “Fine Art”, whack a title on and try to drive people towards a concept that makes the image appear to work? Honestly, I don’t know. So here’s the image and if you like it, great. Oh and the sky is a bit noisy and I think you can even see sensor dust or just dirt on the window. I probably should have removed that, or I could say that its relative to the chaos of the building site.