Building the Museum of Liverpool – III

This is the final part of the ‘Building the Museum of Liverpool’ series. Though I have a couple more posts lined up showing off the interior and exterior from my visit last year. 28th October, 2008. A man stops to photograph the museum. 3rd April, 2009. Cladding is nearing completion and the museum is starting […]

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Building the Museum of Liverpool – II

2nd February, 2008. The inner section of the Museum of Liverpool is growing fast, but the two main galleries are yet to be built. 16th February, 2008. Progress is made on constructing the two main galleries. 29th May, 2008. A massive difference since February. You can really see the shape of the museum now. Taken […]

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Architecture, Old

Construction of a landing stage

Just a few steps further along the walkway at the Pier Head you’ll find a direct comparison to work being done in front of the Liver building. There they are desconstructing the landing stage that sank. Here they are building a new one for large cruise ships. While the other shot was HDR’d, I felt […]

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