Liverpool Light Night was incredible

Liverpool Light Night returns! OnceĀ again the team puts on an epic show of music, art, culture, dance, and well everything we’re good at. It’s all packed into one night that can’t be contained. Dance spills out onto the streets. Music bounces from cathedral to cathedral. Honestly its just amazing to see the city light up this way.

Normally I look at the guide and try to plan some route around the city that takes in as much as possible. There’s easily 4 days worth of events to take in during the night. You can only see a small amount of what happens and even though you only see a small amount what you see is incredible. After there’s the fun of talking to people during the week after about what you saw, what they saw and the inevitable “Oh no way! Really?” This year I was lucky enough to have my night planned out to the minute as I was working for the Open Culture team to document the night. It was a rush dashing around from venue to venue. My Fitbit said we walked 7 miles during the night. Insane!

Massive massive congrats to the Open Culture team for putting on the best Light Night year yet.

Here’s my highlights.