Floating Earth at Royal Albert Dock by Luke Jerram

As part of Eurovision, Luke Jerram has brought their ‘Floating Earth’ installation to the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool. I’ve previously seen their Gaia installation at Bluedot Festival and in the Anglican Cathedral. This is different in that the model of the Earth, made up from open source NASA imagery, is floating in the dock.

The River of Light

The ‘River of Light’ event in Merseyside was a celebration of the river from Liverpool to New Brighton with a series of light installations and fireworks. I thought it might be nice to not only show the work but also highlight the river itself as a river of light.

Lakes Alive in Kendal

A new festival up in Kendal. I cover so many events and I’m usually rushed off my feet trying to Pokémon it all. This was a festival just as jam packed as any but somehow super chilled out. Maybe it was because it was spread over a few days and we glampped over. Is that

Liverpool Light Night was incredible

Liverpool Light Night returns! Once again the team puts on an epic show of music, art, culture, dance, and well everything we’re good at. It’s all packed into one night that can’t be contained. Dance spills out onto the streets. Music bounces from cathedral to cathedral. Honestly its just amazing to see the city light up

Turning the place over

This is called “Turning the place over.” Its great. Liverpool needs more things like this. Completely random bits of art that make you go “eh?” Sure passers by had no idea what it was for or why they did it but everyone stopped and looked. I think thats the important bit with art. It makes