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  • Light Night

    Light Night

    As always Light Night, an event run by a small team of amazing women, is the highlight of the year. It’s like 24hrs of incredible events squished into 6 hours. I spent most of Saturday resting after my 10km walk around the city with all my camera gear. I wouldn’t change a thing. As one…

  • Liverpool Light Night was incredible

    Liverpool Light Night was incredible

    Liverpool Light Night returns! Once again the team puts on an epic show of music, art, culture, dance, and well everything we’re good at. It’s all packed into one night that can’t be contained. Dance spills out onto the streets. Music bounces from cathedral to cathedral. Honestly its just amazing to see the city light up…

  • Liverpool Light Night

    Liverpool Light Night

    Friday 19th May, 2012. Liverpool Light Night. Museums, galleries, and all sorts of arts venues stay open late into the evening in a celebration of arts and culture.