HMS Daring in Liverpool

HMS Daring

I’m still trying to work out how best to take a photo of this ship. Its tricky. The HDR seems to highlight the pattern on the hull of the ship and it just doesn’t look good. It was so grey yesterday and the Nikon 14-24 doesn’t like a filter so there was nothing to do but bracket to get some detail in the sky. I’ve tried a non-HDR shot but it looks so flat and dull. I’ve got some crazy ott HDR results too. I think I’ll keep them locked away for now.

Quite a good article on hdr on Layers Magazine.

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  1. Absolutly stunning!!

  2. Even though you were limited in your options 😉 I think it is still a very good shot! Excellent use of reflection (and the car is almost in the exact right spot!), well done! I love it!

  3. Great shot with the b&w and dramatic lighting – the boats look really menacing. Have you tried the Photomatix Blend option on this? It quite often gives a better result when HDR looks unnatural.

  4. Anguskirk Avatar

    Apologise for last comment ;-). I realised it was a grandmother and sucking eggs type remark!

  5. Cokin filter makes a filterholder for the 14-24