The journey to Snowdon

I’ve been visiting North Wales all my life. As a family we would take our caravan to Anglesey as often as possible. Unfortunately I have no real memories of these trips outside the smell of coffee and the sound of my parents talking as I’d fall asleep. I don’t remember the beaches, the views, the […]

Pride in Blogging

I’ve been struggling with this blog for a number of years. I think once I started really looking into photography and realised that it was more than over-processed sunsets I struggled to find purpose and content for the site. Was I building a blog about Liverpool? About architecture? About street photography? A tech review site? […]

My New York Journal

Before going to New York I had this idea to start a journal. On our previous trips my wife had done one of these and I quite liked it. I’ve never done one before for the simple reason that my wrist hurts if I write for any real period of time. The idea of writing […]

Where am I today?

A few weeks ago I created a morning routine. Get up. 5km run. Breakfast. Write blog. Shower. Sit down at desk and start the day. It was going well for a while until I got ill. I do plan to get back into it because what I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that […]

I miss the ferry

It’s been 2 months since I moved my studio from a space in Liverpool to a space in my house and because of that I rarely get the ferry any more. I think I need to do Ferry Friday or something. Have one day a week when I work from a cafe in Liverpool because […]

My best of 2017

So here I am in April sat in a coffee shop (Love Locks, Liverpool) drinking coffee and I’m trying to think of what to write for today’s blog post when I happen to find an album in Lightroom Mobile called “Best of 2017”. I must have made this at the end of last year, or […]