Missed a day

So my plan was to blog every day. I missed the first few due to illness. Well thats fair enough, but the other day I got stuck in. 2 whole blog posts and then I missed a day. What happened yesterday? Was I too busy? Was I run off my feet and fell asleep as soon I stepped into the house? No. I simply forgot.

I forgot?! Damn it. Thats just so unacceptable. How am I supposed to build something here if I forget about it? I should care more about the audience of this blog to commit and get the job done. I should because I do care about my audience. But I should also give myself a break. I fail at things when I put impossible expectations upon myself to do an amazing job. It's ok for the time being for this to be a good job that grows into something. For now this blog is an experiment. I'm trying to break from the older style of blogging I've been doing where I post beautiful photos and talk about the job. I'll still do that but I want to write more because I want to get better at that.

I think the long term plan is to have better written posts on this blog, maybe not every day but to have the content be better. In order to do this I have to write more and figure out where I'm going along the way.

So, no pressure Pete. Just relax and try to write every day. It's one of my 2017 things to do. Relax more. Enjoy life more. Stress less. Things happen no matter what. As long as I keep trying to do a better job then I'll do a better job.

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