This is Liverpool

So I get up early just to see the Tour of Britain cyclists in Liverpool. It really wasn’t worth going to see them because after waiting around for nearly an hour they cycled past in 1 large block and well it was pretty rubbish. I guess further down the road would have been better when they really started racing but I wasn’t expecting 1 block. Pretty dull stuff. However the morning light was just fantastic and it inspired me to produce one of those good old fashion dramatic HDR images I used to do. I haven’t really done one in a few months as I’ve been concentrating on my event and portrait work. So here we are. This, is Liverpool. Its bold, its dramatic, it has ships, its still being constructed, its a fantastic city.

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  1. We watched the race this morning as it passed by the flat and it does seem to be one of those sports that really favours the spectator who is watching it on television — what can you tell about something if it just passes by once?

  2. Fantastic! How did you get this special “painting” style?

  3. Great HDR capture – I love it.

    Kind of looks like you encounter the same problem I do though when composing HDR from a single RAW file – some portions of the photo look overly darkened (in the case of this photo, the upper left). It’s an issue that vexes my HDR attempts frequently.

  4. The HDR on this makes it look a little unnatural! Maybe it is a bit oversaturated.

  5. I’m not a pro, but I would agree with Claus it does makes it look unnatural. I would love to see it in black and white.

  6. I can see it took a great deal of work. That said, reminds me of a BBC Dr. Who intro shot, with al the life sucked out of it… but then I enjoy bike races, what do I know.