The Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool

I was just passing and I felt it was worth a shot. I do wish the clouds were more balanced.


4 responses to “The Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool”

  1. Hi Pete,
    I think your photography is really inspiring. I found your site from looking up HDR. Also inspired by the fact that your using a 30D and not a full frame 1DS series. By the way do you use ‘Aperture’?

    It’s a shame you can’t get the clouds to move at will, but you’ve still found a great picture there. I’ll Keep checking back at your site for inspiration. How to turn any scene into a great picture, you just do it.


  2. quoth the raven: overcooked

  3. Look at how the clouds make strange patterns on the stairs. Really, this photo couldn’t have been done in another way. Good choice to convert it into black and white. Nice work, Pete!

  4. I like this pete, I’m a philosopher not a photographer. i think it says something about the power of the catholic church. Awesome shot