The 2D Girl

This was captured on the Urban Picnic walk last week. I really love this shot. It’s me knowing when to take a photo, knowing that if I don’t the moment will be gone, and knowing that shyness isn’t going to stop me. Push comes to shove, I’ll get the shot. I need to bring that out more so I don’t need to depend on that feeling to get good shots.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

5 thoughts on “The 2D Girl”

  1. What’s the old guy actually doing? I can’t tell.

    Not sure it needs quite so much contrast but the composition’s decent. Whoever did the stencil’s a bit of a wannabe Banksy though, if you ask me (unless it actually is a Banksy, but I thought he’d moved up the ladder a bit these days. It certainly wouldn’t be one of his better ones, anyway).

  2. Like it a lot Pete! I’d maybe crop the top off a bit, maybe make it square. What exactly was that old fella doing? I know what you mean about the shyness thing – it can be a real barrier. I’m beginning to get over mine slowly, but it doesn’t come easily.

  3. Banksy was in Liverpool in 2004 and did quite a bit of graffiti around the city centre. most of it is gone now. Not sure whether this is one of his though.

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