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  • In the winter Edinburgh Sparkles

    In the winter Edinburgh Sparkles

    Apologies for not posting any photos over the weekend. I was away with friends and forgot to schedule two entries.

  • Shoe sale
  • No Parking

    No Parking

    Just a random shot from around Greenland Street.

  • Bold Street

    Bold Street

    This was taken minutes after the Another Late Night launch party. It was a nice evening out and good to see familiar faces. There was some lovely light streaming down Bold Street. It often gets like this and its lovely.

  • Concert Street

    Concert Street

    What I liked about this was the textures. The clean sign and the gritty wall behind it. In other news, I’ve added links at the bottom of the page to my profile on some of the major photoblog sites. Feel free to tag, fave, etc.

  • Some warehouses

    Some warehouses

    Not an amazing shot today but one that I feel works. I wish the clouds had more drama to them but they came out a little flatter than expected. Kinda feeling stuck in a rut with photography at the moment. I think its because I’ve HDR’d half of Liverpool now and I’m feeling stuck. Where…

  • An old window

    An old window

    Not really much you can say about this. I liked the way the darkness on the right was slowly taking over.

  • The Back Streets

    The Back Streets

    Taken around Greenland Street in Liverpool. The light was all over the shop so I had to HDR it to bring out some foreground detail, and the detail in the sky. In other news it seems that Flickr are saying sorry for deleting rebekka’s post. I can fully understand their reasoning because the comments did…

  • A random street

    A random street

    This is just a random street near Greenland St in Liverpool. There’s lots of great places like this around there. In other news there’s been a lot of things going on at Flickr. The short story is that rebekka, one of the top posters there, had her work stolen and sold as someone elses. She…

  • The 2D Girl

    The 2D Girl

    This was captured on the Urban Picnic walk last week. I really love this shot. It’s me knowing when to take a photo, knowing that if I don’t the moment will be gone, and knowing that shyness isn’t going to stop me. Push comes to shove, I’ll get the shot. I need to bring that…