Snow in Sefton Park

Snow in Sefton Park

Another from Sefton Park the other day. My sister suggested I walked across this bridge because it had this lovely view of part of the park. She wasn’t kidding. A perfect winter scene. I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t had the time to go to Wales and get some shots, but Sefton Park was nice enough.

Camera: Canon 30D // Focal Length: 10mm // Exposure Time: 1/250 // Aperture: f/9.0 // ISO equiv: 640 // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

Shot of the day: Smoke on Route 413, Through the Windshield @

3 responses

  1. Beautiful winter capture!!

  2. You could have photoshopped a Mountie striking a manly pose 😀

  3. Sefton Park Pwns Wales.