Sefton Park Mist

I spent a lovely morning walking around Sefton Park. I got stalked by squirrels, and found that even though it was freezing everyone was really happy. I chatted with a few people and everyone said “Mornin.” Don’t seem to get that in town. Everyone’s too busy. The light is lovely there first thing of a

Sefton Park at Night

As you’ll notice this image is a bit larger. I’ve decided to increase the size of landscape photos from 700px wide to 850px wide. Hopefully that should still fit in on 1024×768, does for me in Safari. 27% of my visitors use that resolution so I’m still bound to that. 24% use 1280×1024 so I

Under North Pier in Blackpool

On Sunday I visited Blackpool with friends. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while due to chromasia’s photoblog. His images are stunning. I hoped to get some nice images while I was there. I can see why he gets great photos, the light there is excellent. So inspired by one of his images