Second Mate

This is the Second Mate of one of the Tall Ships that visited Liverpool last weekend. I didn’t have a flash on me so I had to shoot it normally. Naturally the guy was under-exposed. HDR to the rescue. I was able to get a nicely balanced exposure. I really do feel that this is going to be the future of DSLR imaging. The potential is huge. No more blown highlights or under-exposed family portraits. This was produced with 1 RAW file so the our current cameras clearly capture enough detail to do this. It just needs some extra processing.

This weekend is the Knowsley Music Festival. The Who, Keane, Joss Stone, Madness, The Zutons, The Coral to name a few bands. I have a press pass so expect the next few shots to be full of gig photos. I’m going to be Twittering from the festival so feel free to follow my exploits. Its currently raining too…

2 responses

  1. Very nice photo. I always enjoy your work.

    I think you are very correct about HDR being the future of digital imaging. I do HDR very frequently, and 75% of the time it yields photos superior to the original version.

    Of course, on my own photos, a lot of time I get complaints from the people viewing them that my photos look “doctored” or “fake.” To that I can only retort “Pardon me for wanting to bring my photography into the 21st Century.”

  2. Great setting putting the sitter in his context.