Remember Saro-Wiwa – 2

Remeber Saro-Wiwa - 2

Its taken me longer than normal to do these shots because I’m trying to get back into Photoshop. Lightroom is brilliant. It lets me throw 1,000 images at it and convert them to a nice b&w within 10 minutes. Its great, however it does leave your Photoshop skills rusty. I forgot how great layers are, how great dodging and burning is in b&w and simply how powerful it is. This image was converted to HDR from 1 RAW file, tone mapped, dodged and burned and has about 7 layers on it in PS. Its great to play in PS. It makes me feel more like an artist than a Photographer in some ways. I still am a photographer through and through. I saw this image in my head when I was there. Playing in PS allowed me to get what I saw out my head and into a .jpg.

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  1. Great! I have to go by your site every day to see your posts.
    But what do you find to be the most important things in Photoshop that are missing in Lightroom – and in Aperture for that matter?.
    And what would I miss by “investing” in Photoshop Elements instead of CS#?

  2. 7 layers and you still left that distracting bit in the top left corner in?!

  3. Liverpool really is the city of construction :/

  4. I prefer this pic to yeasterdays; the anchor is a nice touch.

    I still see Photoshop as more of a photographers tool than an artists; it’s little different in many ways to what used to be done in the darkroom, it’s just that there are more options and flexibility, but most of the techniques would be second nature to a decent printer. And we still have to shoot with a finished result in your head to get the best out of it all. I don’t think there’s been an exposure made that couldn’t be improved with a bit of shading and dodging.

  5. Fine work