Liverpools Anglican Cathedral

Liverpools Anglican Cathedral

I’m not 100% sure on this. Its suprisingly hard to get a good photo of this building due to its size and the light. There’s so much to it, how do you do it justice?

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  1. It probably wouldn’t be an easy scene to capture but you’re a good photographer and I’m sure you relish a challenge so how about the view of it from Huskisson Street in the evening when the sun is quite low but still bright? As you walk down Huskisson you can see right through the southern end of the cathedral and it glows orange. It’s an incredible sight.

    I’m also not 100% about this shot – I think your capture of the cathedral is stunning but I’m leaning towards thinking that the busyness of the sky (is that something you’ve done in photoshop?) detracts from and undermines that. That said, I’m not at all an expert on photography and at least one comment in flickr (how I got here) responds positively to the sky so maybe that’s not it. I’d like to see it with a less busy sky though just to see how it works.

  2. Hmmm, I like the B/W processing (MikeW BW action?) but, as dem mentioned, I think the sky is perhaps a little distracting in this shot. HDR or just polarised? Perhaps reshoot with a slightly less extreme wideangle, ie fill the frame a bit more with the subject? Just a thought!

  3. WOW

    No photographer myself just someone that like to take pics and enjoys looking at them but all I can say is excellent. This picture is so good I could only quantify it as Holy religious porn lol 😉 thanks for the experience

  4. Love it. I think the dark/black sky and the extreme angle is awesome, in contrary to two of the other comments.

  5. The sky would be no problem at all here if there wasn’t the dark halo cast by photomatix. I’ve had the same problem too with some shots. I don’t know why this program does this but in certain situations I’d like to control the effect. Do like the pic overall, was in Liverpool awhile ago and the way this cathedral dominates the skyline says alot, certainly difficult to capture its scale.

  6. I like the dynamic and mystical appearance of this picture. I’d even call it one of my favourites of your selection. If it comes to HDR, the black and white version is for me more acceptable.