Liverpool Sunset 2

After processing this image using HDR this was the result. I’ll be giving my talk tonight at the Open Eye Gallery on Wood Street, 7pm. I’m a bit nervous. Mainly because I haven’t spoke to a group since university 6 years ago, also because I haven’t finished the talk. I have spent the past week reading up on HDR and I plan to launch my new HDR guide soon.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

6 thoughts on “Liverpool Sunset 2”

  1. a very good and breathtaking shot. I’ll be looking forward to your HDR guide

  2. Hi Pete, Excellent talk tonight at the Open Eye. Not 100% convinced on HDR myself (bit of a purist maybe?) but your work is fantastic.

    Hope to see you again some time

  3. Just discovered your work after the article in Digital SLR user. I love this shot but I’m trying to work out where you took it from.

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