Heswall Beach II

Yey I have a new playground. Its like being a kid in some respects. Wellies on, and lots of mud to play in. Its great not having to care and to just wade on into muddy grass. So much to play with here too. So many angles. The way the light bounces off one boat or through a window. Its brilliant. Hopefully I’ll get some more dramatic sunsets in the future. As nice as it was last night it really needed a nice collection of fluffy clouds.

Another 7 shot HDR here. I think that because the option is there I’m using it. I’m still not 100% sure if there is a real noticeble difference between 7 shots at 1EV apart and 3 shots at 2EV apart. In theory it should be better because there are more photos to merge so you should get a better blend.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

11 thoughts on “Heswall Beach II”

  1. Wow, like this one. I much prefer it to your shot yesterday, which appeared to my eyes as a bit flat. This is one has more impact

  2. Another exceptional shot there Pete. Nothing more to say really, just an awesome photograph.

  3. Great pictures of Heswall Beach. I used to live there. These pictures have brought back wonderful memories. Thank you so much from Canada!

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