Grand Princess in Liverpool

Grand Princess in Liverpool

I was up at silly am to photograph the giant cruise ship Grand Princess arriving. At one point it was like a hotel moving slowly towards the dock. Its an enormous ship. Its hard to see in this photo but between the ferry and the Grand Princess is the little pilot ship.

I watched a show on Annie Lebowitz last night. I need to rewatch it as I was busy working at the time but it was good. She made some interesting points, like how you just can’t turn off the photographer. Always composing shots even when you don’t have a camera. I’ve been doing this all my life, before I really got into photography. Worth watching if you can.

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  1. Great shot Pete, truly is an enormous vessel!

  2. Fantastic shot. I wasn’t able to get down there with a camera but I understand it’s coming back next month anyway. I drove through town on the way home from work and could see it towering over the buildings.
    I watched the Lebowitz programme yesterday. It was so good I’m going to copy it to DVD to keep. I sometimes wonder if the impact of celebrity shots mainly comes from who it is and the access the photographer had i.e. would we all have got good shots given the same opportunity; however, in her case, the work stands on its own merit and would work even if you didn’t know the subject.