Dusk over the Mersey

Sorry the site was down yesterday. My host was updating the server and it took longer than expected. A couple bits of news on the exhibition are out. Art in Liverpool have a write up, and it made the Echo online too. <3

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  1. George Jones Avatar
    George Jones

    Great colours Pete…Pity it wasn’t taken from the other side looking at the Liverpool skyline.

  2. Brilliant, really brilliant; I love everything about this photo, the colours, the lighting, the reflections of the water and this great atmosphere.

  3. Fantastic photo but why would we want another clichéd photo of the Liverpool sky line. This is far more interesting!

  4. Very nice reviews Pete – hope it’s going well. You must be well pleased.

  5. Nice colours!

  6. You seem to have made the most of the sunset, with a few images you’ve posted. Not with just one shot with a slight variation, but completely different views. Or you could have got all these shots on different days, and my comment is just nonsense. But great images anyway.