Port of Culture Launch

Last night was an unbelievable success. At 5:45 my sister mentioned I should have put my iPod on with some music. The space is deadly quiet and echos when there are only 2 or 3 people in there. At 5:50 robmiller from the Internet turned up. He was officially the first person to see the exhibition. About 10 minutes later someone else turned up and by about 6:20 the launch was in full swing with mini groups of people chatting. By 7pm it was clearly a hit. Lots of people had turned up and I was just so happy that the prints had stayed on the walls and that people were here enjoying it. I have to thank the guys from Switch Media for all their help, especially Aaron who turned up with his 4 day old son! Thanks to my sister and her boyfriend for sorting the drinks, sweets and things. Thanks to Albert Dock for the space, and Moorfields Photographic for the prints. Thanks to everyone who came.

Thanks to Ian & Minako Jackson for grabbing a copy of Metro for me. It totally slipped my mind to find it yesterday and I’m so glad they got one for me. They had a review of my work in there and it was totally not what I expected. “Carr’s shots of Liverpool’s two cathedrals knock more typical picture-postcard vistas into a cocked hat, making the buildings look as ancient and brooding as if they were lifted straight from The Lord of the Rings’ set. His love of bringing out the detail in rippling, overcast skies should earn him well-deserved comparisons to that other obsessive Liverpool Photographer, Edward Chambre Hardman.” OMG, basically. Funnily enough, Hardman used to live 5 minutes away from where I currently live on the Wirral before he moved to Liverpool. But I really never expected that. Maybe “Really nice photos.” Just wow. Thank you Metro. Thanks again everyone.

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  1. Well done Pete, exhibition is fabulous.

  2. Andy Jones (pxl8) Avatar
    Andy Jones (pxl8)


    Pity it’s too far for me to pop along as I’d love to see your work in print. Here’s hoping it goes on tour 😉

    Good luck and may many good things come from it.

  3. i’m famous woot

  4. Fantastic news Pete – if only i were comin back to chester this weekend, i’d certainly of had to go via liverpool!