BlogoWriMo, Croatia, Porec

An afternoon in Porec

Porec a lovely city on the Croatian coast that is a popular place for a summer holiday. My wife and I were there waiting for a connection to Venice but because of rough sea we had to get a coach instead. The city is quite beautiful and I wish we had more time to get […]

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BlogoWriMo, Croatia, Zagreb

The people of Zagreb in Croatia

In 2012 we spent an afternoon walking around the Old Town of Zagreb which is the capital of Croatia. The old town is architecturally wonderful and at the end of our walk was a market. No-one seemed to mind me taking photos and it’s a shame there was a language barrier. I would have liked […]

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BlogoWriMo, Budapest

2012 – A full day in Budapest

Budapest was hot. I sticky kind of hot as if you were a melted plastic toy covered in cat fluff. Our British friend Ben took us for a walk around the city. Nowhere in specific. A general wander that took in a few sights with no real pressure to be anywhere. It was nice. Hot, […]

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Bruges, Travel

Bruges is a fairytale town

In September my wife and I visited Bruges. We were inspired by the film ‘In Bruges’. Odd inspiration I know but it did make us want to go and see the place for real. You know what? It was very nice.  It’s a fairytale town, isn’t it? How’s a fairytale town not somebody’s ***ing thing? […]

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New York

NYC Diary Day 1

It’s 2016. My dad recently died. My first cat, my first real pet away from home just died. We decide to spend Christmas in New York because I want to get far away from traditional Christmas. Our flights were with IcelandAir which lets you stop off in Iceland at no extra ticket cost which we […]

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Bulgaria, Street


I’ve got a boat load of photos from our travels that I just haven’t properly sorted out yet. Bulgaria was 2013 and I have no idea why I didn’t get around to sorting them. I’ll get to them, soon hopefully. It is interesting looking back though as I see the photos differently with hindsight. I […]

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