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2 days in Leiden

Earlier this year we went to Amsterdam. We had heard that Leiden was a nice place for a brief stop and as it was on the way we figured why not. Thanks to Airbnb we stayed in the middle of town instead of in the drab hotel district by the train station. I actually forgot how […]

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A day at sea on the Waverley

Bought for £1 and fully restored to service the PS Waverley is the last sea going paddle steamer. She’s a beautiful ship and she sails from Liverpool on a day trip to Llandudno and Anglesey. I wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve flown over Liverpool a couple of times but theres something about seeing the city on […]

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7 days in Amsterdam

I miss Amsterdam. I really really miss it. Something always happened there. But more than that I feel like its the first holiday I’ve had where I actually relaxed. Before your mind goes there, no. Beer, chocolate and I’m slowly getting into whiskey. Thats all. No crazy coffee shopping. I couldn’t afford the laundry bills. […]

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Hanging out in Venice

The first time I was in Venice I noticed how odd it was that everyone hung their washing out over the street. It was certainly pretty to look at but just odd. Here in the UK we put our washing in our back yard hidden away from everyone. Venetians often don’t have back yards so they […]

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Cambridge – II

One of the interesting things I noticed about Cambridge was that everyone cycles, everyone. The older generation all look like something from a BBC tv series too. They looked quite cool.

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The Louvre – II

Simply stunning architecture. We didn’t get that much time to really explore as I didn’t want to miss the outside at dusk, and there’s so many angles just outside. Have to go back for another play. I appreciate everyones comments on my new portfolio site. I’m making a few design tweaks to fix IE7 bugs […]

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