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My second favourite view of Venice

The Grand Canal in Venice is ridiculously picturesque. Standing on the Rialto Bridge at sunset is wonderful. Crowded but wonderful. I wonder what a quiet night in Venice must be like. In Lockdown you could potentially have the bridge to yourself. A strange experience to look at such a wonderful scene knowing the cost.

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Architecture, Spain, Valencia

Valencia – 2011 – Part 1

Our post marathon Spain recovery trip included a few days at a beach in Valencia. Back then I wasn’t much of a beach person but my legs welcomed it so I let them rest. That said, we did 1 bit of exploring which was to go see The City of Arts and Sciences or a […]

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The World in Liverpool

The World has been described as the largest private yacht on the planet. It’s entirely privately owned and basically goes where ever it wants. It’s more like a floating apartment complex than cruise ship. Some people live there while others just visit, like a summer house in Spain. It certainly sounds surreal living on a […]

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Sunset over Seaforth

As I was putting the bins out last night I noticed a rather nice sky. By the time I grabbed my gear and got to the prom, about 1 minute, the colour was almost gone. I got one shot on my D700 and one on my iPhone. I thought of formatting the card but decided […]

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