The World in Liverpool

The World has been described as the largest private yacht on the planet. It’s entirely privately owned and basically goes where ever it wants. It’s more like a floating apartment complex than cruise ship. Some people live there while others just visit, like a summer house in Spain. It certainly sounds surreal living on a ship for an entire year. Port to port. It’s not cheap either. Wikipedia suggests that the cheapest apartment is $600,000 jumping up to $2,950,00 for a 2 bed and then jumping up again to a whopping $13,500,000 for a suite. You could own a boat for that price. It probably wouldn’t have its own cinema or deli, but you could still see the world.

So here is the ship in Liverpool. A floating apartment block merging with the Liverpool skyline. The World and a world class skyline.

The World cruise ship docked in Liverpool.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.