Les Machines de l’Ile

In September 2010 my girlfriend and I visited Les Machines de l’Ile in Nantes, France. I posted a few photos from that trip but I feel that a complete set really tells the story of the place. It’s a magical place where a giant hand crafted wooden elephant roams around and in a few years […]

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La Machine back in 2008

I was looking at the website for the upcoming ‘Giant Spectacular’ event in Liverpool that is set to eclipse La Machine from 2008. So I started looking at my old photos of that fantastically stunning event. After a few minutes it became clear that they needed reprocessing. I felt that the processing was the story […]

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The Heron Tree – II

This is the prototype ‘Heron Tree’ that they have outside the Les Machines de L’ile workshop. It provides a great view of the dock area of Nantes and the Great Elephant walks underneath it. Its going to be a really beautiful tree when they get the full piece built.

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