The Sea Worlds Carousel – I

The next big project by Les Machines de L’Ile is “The Sea Worlds Carousel”. Its ambitious, but then everything they do is. As the name implies its a carousel that will be 20 metres in diameter and 24 metres high. It will have 3 different levels and features moving objects from the marine world. The main body will be crafted from cement and the sculpted ark mixes wood with steel. This is the great thing about these guys. As you’ll have seen from the Great Elephant photos they’re based in an old ship building warehouse. The materials and way they build their machines follows the same methodologies as ship building. Wood and steel. Hand crafted. Its a beautiful process resulting in these stunning machines.

This little guy is part giraffe and part turtle, if I remember rightly. Thats why it has a long neck. You can see in the background that it has seats. I think this, judging from the size, was specifically for kids. There are definitely rides for bigger kids. I went on one and it was so very cool. The carousel will be stationed in Nantes by their museum. They’re hoping to open it in 2012 and I will definitely be going back.