3 Queens Liverpool – Day 3

This was it. The big moment when the 3 Cunard liners Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 all sailed down the Mersey. I’ve been waiting to see this for years. It’s what I’ve been working towards over 8 years at the Cruise Terminal. Iconic moments. History. The biggest maritime event I’ve seen in my

3 Queens Liverpool – Day 2

The second day of the 3 Queens event in Liverpool saw the arrival of Cunard liner Queen Mary 2 (QM2). There was street theatre to entertain the crowds during the day and the evening saw the stunning projection ‘Amazing Graces’ on the three graces followed by fireworks over the river.

Queen Victoria in Liverpool

I spent the weekend photographing the Cunard liner Queen Victoria in Liverpool for the Cruise Terminal. The team put on a show like nothing I’ve seen. They had opera singer Danielle Louise Thomas serenade the ship as she left. A man flew around on a flyboard and even flew up to the captain to salute

Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool

Queen Mary 2 in the Liverpool Bay. It was great to see this giant ship on the horizon getting closer and closer. The weather was incredible. Glorious sunshine and no wind. The Mersey was beautifully calm. I tried a bit of videoing with my D90 to capture the fireworks and the departure of the QM2.

Queen Elizabeth in Liverpool

On a gloomy Thursday morning the Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth arrived in Liverpool. I was up early cycling down New Brighton promenade to capture the big ship as she turned in the river and docked. In some ways it was nice that it was overcast otherwise I would have been shooting into the sun. The