Queen Victoria in Liverpool

I spent the weekend photographing the Cunard liner Queen Victoria in Liverpool for the Cruise Terminal. The team put on a show like nothing I’ve seen. They had opera singer Danielle Louise Thomas serenade the ship as she left. A man flew around on a flyboard and even flew up to the captain to salute him and welcome the ship to the city. Fireworks lit up the sky and a street party made for a unique place to eat lunch.

It’s always interesting seeing the city’s reaction to ships coming in. There’s a huge range of people who come out to see the ships. From local teens in pimped up cars to families driving to the terminal just to walk the dog. The loveliest part was after the fireworks when most of the crowd had dispersed. The majority of people who remained were couples out for a romantic evening walk. The weather was lovely and the addition of the Cunard ship really helped add to that romantic mood.

[cvm_video id=”13914″]

I can’t wait for 3 Queens next year

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