Shoot Liverpool

On Saturday 3 friends and I took part in Shoot Liverpool. It cost £10 per member to enter and was well worth it. We got given 7 items to find and shoot, and 3 open concepts all relating to “Water.” No computers were allowed so that meant we had to shoot JPG and thanks to the 30D’s picture styles we were able to get some nice black and whites and some nice colour shots. We had to think outside the box and get shots 100% perfect as we knew we couldn’t rely on Photoshop to save us. We had 5 hours to get the 10 shots and just managed the last at about 4:59. After over 2 and a half hours waiting we got the results. There was a best photo per theme and 3 extra categories. We saw a slideshow of all the entries and some were pretty darn good. The end result was that we won in one category and came 2nd in the best photo category, which was excellent. The photos were very much a team effort. We all chipped in and the end results were a product of group input.

So we won one, came 2nd for the best photo which features Marcel in a fountain and we’ll have our photo(s) displayed in the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool for 3 days. All in all a fantastic day out.

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  1. Nice composition. Beautiful colours.