Sea Odyssey: A giant spectacle – final day

What can I say? Better than La Machine would sum it up. The biggest, craziest, best event I’ve ever photographed. Huge crowds everywhere. Every building, museum, street, and the entire waterfront filled from Kings Dock to Princes Dock. I felt so proud of the city and so honoured to photograph it. Thank you all for sharing my pictures on social media. I’m glad you like them. These are the photos from the final day. Later in the week, when I’ve properly slept, I may do a proper post to reflect on the event with my favourite photos. Right now I’m just trying to stay awake and tell the story. Enjoy.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

11 thoughts on “Sea Odyssey: A giant spectacle – final day”

  1. Fantastic Pete really good shots I’ve enjoyed the past 3 days seeing your pics amazing

  2. Great coverage of the event Pete, the BW photo with the Liver in the background is outstanding!

  3. Pete, superb pictures as ever, you dont disappoint in conveying the atmosphere that must have been present. Obviously unhappy to be abroad whilst this happened at home, I’ve lived it through your pictures. A sincere thank you from me!

  4. I think the picture in front of the Liver Building will be the iconic memory of the event. Thanks for the chance to
    see more than the glimpse I had on Saturday evening.

  5. Ooh marvellous!!! I missed the exit. Got there late with my dog. Fabulous photographs of the wonder that was the Sea Odyssey! A beautiful capturing of a spectacular event of astonishing, emotive wonderment! Gushy, moi? Never! It rocked and your pics are incroyable! Merci

  6. This event was astounding, moving and unifying on the streets is expanded when seen through your photographs. Very happy you had those moments and shared them.

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