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3 thoughts on “ New Years Eve Fireworks 2005 – St Georges Hall – Liverpool ”

  1. Nice pictures Peter. I think I may have seen you in the centre of the road after the fireworks had ended. You had a better position than I had, but I wasn’t sure how many people would be turning up, so had to plan for a big crowd. I’ll know better for next year if it is in the same location. Your 1st picture looks a bit odd, like the sky had been painted in. It may be I have a bright screen. Maybe move that to later in the selection. Just a thought.

    Some of the pictures I got can be seen here;

    PS. Congratulations on being published.

  2. Wow , this pyro diplay was not just a visual pleasure , it encaptulated your whole being with a mutitude of effects from lasers projected on to a impressive waterscreen , dancing 5m flames and to top this all it was showcased with FANTASTIC Fireworks..

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