Madrid 2011 – Day 2

Our second day in Madrid was much like the first. Beautiful. Sunny. Warm.

Our first stop was Atocha Station. The inside of this iconic train station has been turned into an arboretum. You can still catch a train there but the older part of the station is this wonderfully relaxing calm space to sit and wait for your train. It’s brilliant. There should be more spaces like that in cities that lack green space (oh hey Liverpool).

We got on a bus and did a different bus tour route. It was painful for me to step up onto the bus and I welcomed the tour. This time we went up close to the motorway that is now a river. We didn’t see much of it as I couldn’t get off the bus but what I saw looked great. Having seen the removal of green space in Liverpool over the years I welcome any city that puts a higher priority on space for people over the car or student flats.

Madrid is a city that I really want to revisit.