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  • Venice Canal Views

    Venice Canal Views

    Venice is a city built on canals. In a way it is like Amsterdam except there are no cars in Venice. You walk or take a boat. It’s a lovely way to live. The canals also feel much closer than the ones in Amsterdam. There the canals feel distant as the pavement is raised above…

  • Venice Views

    Venice Views

    The other day I mentioned how Venice isn’t short on beautiful views and it’s almost too easy a city to photograph. Every street is beautiful and fascinating to look at. It is an easy city to photograph and that means its a hard place to photograph in a new and interesting way. These photos aren’t…

  • My second favourite view of Venice

    My second favourite view of Venice

    The Grand Canal in Venice is ridiculously picturesque. Standing on the Rialto Bridge at sunset is wonderful. Crowded but wonderful. I wonder what a quiet night in Venice must be like. In Lockdown you could potentially have the bridge to yourself. A strange experience to look at such a wonderful scene knowing the cost.

  • My favourite view of Venice

    My favourite view of Venice

    Venice isn’t short on beautiful and interesting views. The Grand Canal. St Mark’s Square. Almost any bridge over a canal with a gondola going under it at sunset. It’s an easy city to photograph which is why I found it a complicated city to work in. If everyone is taking the same photo, me included,…

  • An afternoon in Porec

    An afternoon in Porec

    Porec a lovely city on the Croatian coast that is a popular place for a summer holiday. My wife and I were there waiting for a connection to Venice but because of rough sea we had to get a coach instead. The city is quite beautiful and I wish we had more time to get…

  • A day in Pula

    A day in Pula

    To get to Venice in Italy from Zadar in Croatia we chose to travel via the sea. It seemed like a fun idea and it required a stop in Pula which is home to the 3rd largest ampitheatre in the world. When I say it seemed like a fun idea we hadn’t counted on being…

  • Sitting by the water at a beach in Zadar

    Sitting by the water at a beach in Zadar

    Back in 2012 my girlfriend (now wife) and I visited Zadar. We spent a day exploring the Old Town, another day touring the Kornati Islands, and an evening enjoying the sunset and the Sea Organ. Our last day was spent by the water doing nothing but enjoying the view from Puntamika Beach. There’s a line…

  • Sunsets in Zadar

    Sunsets in Zadar

    “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.” Alfred Hitchcock said that during his stay in Zadar in 1964. I don’t want to argue with Hitchcock but really? Maybe I’m spoilt living in Merseyside because we get some insanely great…

  • Kornati Island Tour – Zadar

    Kornati Island Tour – Zadar

    The Kornati Island’s in Croatia are worth exploring if you visit Zadar. We took a boat tour from the Old Town. It included lunch on the captain’s island and a stop for a swim. There are 140 islands in the national park and plenty of other areas to explore on a future trip.

  • A wander around the old town of Zadar in Croatia

    A wander around the old town of Zadar in Croatia

    After visiting the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, for a day we headed to Zadar for a few days on the beach. I say beach but the Croatian coast is mostly rocks. It is a beautiful coastline but not sandcastle compliant. Between Zagreb and Zadar is an incredible mountain range that helped keep the Italians out…