Its a sign

This is a sign post at West Kirby Marine Lake. I guess it could be hard for people to make out and that might make them feel like the image doesn’t work because they don’t know what that odd blob on a poll is. Unfortunately for me I know what it is and I like the image. I can’t take that step back and look at it with someone elses eyes. So its a sign. I didn’t add the vignetting, its just an effect of increasing the black in the neutrals / greys in the image. Personally I liked it for the contrast between the sign and the sunset. I did debate between colour or black and white and in the end BW won for the contrasts.

2 responses

  1. looks like a soldier’s helmet on a cross tbh

  2. Very good effect on the colours and a lovely, dark atmosphere in this one. You did the right thing in selecting the BW version, it adds to the mystique and darkness, whereas the colours wouldn’t give this photo the same effect.