Eye contact

Eye contact

Yesterday was hugely fun. We did a model shoot from about 12 to 6. 7 photographers and maybe 8 models. We only had one studio so some of us went outside to work. A guy across the road was very interested in watching. The models were nothing short of fantastic, and up for anything. I’m not kidding either. We found what looked like a shed that hadn’t been cleaned in 10 years. Full of cobwebs and very old bins. So one girl gets in and lies down on the bins! Fantastic shots though and I’m totally sold on natural light. I find studio work hard because its all about the pose. I don’t know how to position the models to look “cool”. However, outside it all seemed to work. We took turns holding the reflector and what a job it did. Even on a 18% grey overcast day. I couldn’t work out where this light was coming from but it was brilliant. I’m going to invest in a silver / gold reflector and something to hold it and somehow do more shoots.


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