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  • Portraits from Liverpool protest against Section 35

    Portraits from Liverpool protest against Section 35

    Trans and non-binary people and allies protested against the UK Government’s attempt to block Scotland’s new gender reform bill. This is the first time the UK has used such a power and demonstrates that the current government is willing to go to drastic measures to reduce the rights of trans and non-binary people. I took…

  • Home


    Today is the final day of NaNoWriMo or what I’ve been calling it Blogvember. I’ve blogged every day this month and I’ve really enjoyed it. It feels like I’ve come home. I spent yesterday wandering around my home. It’s changing fast and I need to spend more time seriously photographing it not just casually as…

  • The River of Light

    The River of Light

    The ‘River of Light’ event in Merseyside was a celebration of the river from Liverpool to New Brighton with a series of light installations and fireworks. I thought it might be nice to not only show the work but also highlight the river itself as a river of light.

  • River of light

    River of light

    I never fail to be amazed at the strange beauty of the River Mersey.

  • Walking round London

    Walking round London

    I’m a Thor sized man and yet whenever I go to London I’m invisible on the pavement. It ashtonishes me just how many times someone walks into me. I am forever moving out of people’s way as they walk towards me. A simple walk around the city is a hassle that leaves me annoyed. Should…

  • The Reds

    The Reds

    Liverpool prepared itself for victory as they faced off for the European Champions League title. I was working that day photographing the Tall Ships Festival. On my way back to the car I noticed a red shirt. I turned a corner and saw another red shirt. A trio of red shirts. A red scarf. A…

  • London #35
  • Fishermen of New Brighton

    Fishermen of New Brighton

    No matter the conditions these guys will be out in it fishing.

  • New Brighton #7
  • A wander round London

    A wander round London

    Every 6 months or so Sam and I take a trip to London to see some photography exhibitions, art and design, and generally wander the city. It’s a day trip city break. We did this back in July last year. Cheap tickets. Good exhibitions. It’s a simple thing and I’m never bored. FYI there’s an…