Walking round London

I’m a Thor sized man and yet whenever I go to London I’m invisible on the pavement. It ashtonishes me just how many times someone walks into me. I am forever moving out of people’s way as they walk towards me. A simple walk around the city is a hassle that leaves me annoyed. Should I be doing all that work? I mean if I don’t move out of people’s way they are likely to get knocked over and this would be a photo essay on the people I’ve accidentally floored.

Honestly, I wish I was the type of person to not even think about this and just plough through. This is one of those things where I wonder if it’s autism or not. Am I hyper aware of everything around me so everything feels like a threat and I’m being hyper-vigilant? Is it me being a photographer noticing too much?

This has happened so many times I decided to try and make it into a photo essay. They say the best way to do street photography is to be invisible, and well apparently I am on the streets of London so here we are.