Canal Link Construction

Bit of a late one today. Been busy sorting things and completely forgot to find time to post. This is the current state of the Pier Head area, where the new canal link is. I’m not sure but I thought it was meant to be finished this year and it doesn’t quite look finished.

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  1. I don’t think i can post html links but the website for the British Waterways states:

    “Completion of the canal link construction is planned for autumn 2008, with the Pier Head section finished earlier in July. However, the date for the opening of the link to navigation will be dependent on progress of the new developments near Princess Dock and at Mann Island as the canal is completely integral with these.”

    it was supposed to be ready for the capital of culture year – but they didn’t even drain the canal til late October/early november 2007!

  2. Bah. Damn shame but heres hoping the Pier Head is cleaned up for summer. I can imagine it’ll be very popular especially with the Tall Ships.

  3. This looks like an apocalyptic prediction. The sky is fantastic??? and your picture too. Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.