Another splash

Another splash

It was at this point that I got soaked. Despite the look of the other photos I only got splashed a bit, but this time I got soaked. There was no way I was going to get into the car as it was only 1 month old. So instead of being lazy and driving to the lighthouse I had to walk just so that I could dry off. I knew it wasn’t safe to stand there due to all the water and having seen many get soaked there but I didn’t care. I wanted another good shot. Just as I arrived I saw a huge wave throw water all over someones parked car. It really was coming in quite far and these were only 60mph winds. I’m quite looking forward to a bit stormy winter with 80mph+ winds.

In other news I’m attempting another 365 project. I gave up on my previous 365 self portrait attempt but this one is different. The basic idea is that I do not photograph the other side of my camera. I’ll happily take photos of everything in front but not behind. I don’t document my own life, which I think is odd for a photographer. In 30-40 years do I want to look back at nice photos of Liverpool or nice photos of my life? So thats the aim. Document the days. I’ve created Life.365 set on Flickr for it and also setup an account with Tumblr for something a bit funkier. Basically it will import my Twitter feed and the photos from that Flickr set and create a nice site. It’ll be a quick and easy way to glance at my life. In a year I’ll take all that and make it into a book, for my family and I to look back on.

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  1. See I need to be this brave – I spent all my time thinking “ohh my camera is wet” rather than just getting stuck in – having said that the first wave that got me meant I had to switch lenses as there was no way to dry off my filter!!

    Great shot though

  2. Cameras are expensive but they can be replaced. Moments can’t. Gotta give up that fear and get in there 🙂

  3. Hi Pete.

    I noticed you use, in the video doc that was made of you, that you use a sigma for your wide angle stuff. Do you use the 10-20mm or the 12-24mm and what has your experience been with the Sigma lenses ?

    I’m wanting to buy a nice wide angle for a Canon 400D, and wondering which wide you are using 🙂

    Sorry to bother with this.
    Kind regards