20 years later in Liverpool

20 years later in Liverpool

20 years ago families in Liverpool were devestated by the tragic loss of life at Hillsborough. 96 people died. RIP. YNWA.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

13 thoughts on “20 years later in Liverpool”

  1. Pete, A very difficult day for a lot of people in Liverpool and football fans from all corners of the country. You have captured the emotions perfectly, but more importantly with respect.

    Well done on covering this sad situation so well.


  2. So mucj energy, so mamny emotions. Not enough place on photo but you did it! He Pete … not many Photographers can say that they are good artists, but you are! Awesome …

  3. Pete – what an exceptional image… you have created a masterpiece here, fully capturing the emotion of the tragedy.


  4. Extremely powerful image. It captures perfectly what it meant and continues to mean. Beautifully and tastefully done,very respectful of the emotions of these men and as eloquent a tribute to those who died as you could want.

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