1207 – 2007 – Liverpool’s Grace

800 years of Liverpool

The 3 Graces are the iconic figures of Liverpool. People all over the world recognise them as a symbol of Liverpool, a symbol of everything Liverpool has achieved over the past 800 years. They see the Beatles, John Lennon, two football clubs, two cathedrals and most recently, they see a Capital of Culture like no other. For this photograph I wanted to create a feeling of a timeless Liverpool. A dark stormy day to show that no matter what Liverpool’s skyline, its 3 Graces, will always be standing as a symbol of a great city.

This photo is featured in the new Liverpool 2007 800th birthday calendar. The Culture Company asked for submissions from local artists to appear in the calendar. Obviously there were only 12 places and I’m sure competition was quite tough. I’m was so happy to be offered the month of March with this image. I sent them about 10 images in total and oddly this was my least favourite. It looks great in the final calendar.

Front cover Heritage Calendar Close of of the text

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  1. Congrats Pete. This is a recent fave for me.