Venice Architecture Biennale

Our trip around Europe lead us to Venice and our time there coincided with the Architecture Biennale. We gave ourselves a day to look around and probably covered about half of it in that time. It was huge and a seriously fun experience. So much so that we’re hoping to go back next time. Architecture, art, science, and food for thought all blended into two large sections of Venice.

The Russian Pavilion had a dome filled with QR codes that would randomly light up. You were given a tablet to scan them with when you went in. I’m not sure everyone got it but it was an impressive sight. The Brazilian Pavilion had hammocks that you could relax in. They were quite close to the floor so if just one person got in their hammock wouldn’t work, they would just sit on the floor. It required a group of people to occupy the hammocks for everyone to┬ábenefit. I thought it was brilliantly symbolic of how a community works. Literally everyone pulled their own weight, or at least each others. The Nordic Pavilion was filled with all sorts of wonders. One required you to stick your head in box and upon doing so you were greeted with a 360 video experience of someone walking around a town. You could follow them or look around you. The Finnish Pavilion by Alvar Aalto was filled with warming examples of what can be done with wood.

Not to sound too much like Kevin McCloud but I loved this place. Good architecture should bring people together and in my opinion it should inspire you in every way possible.