The Borg Game Cube!!

K so its actually the Nintendo Game Cube, but still. I mean people say the PS2 design is silly, and this is just a cube! It looks ok, the great part is the add-ons. Complete connectivity with the GameBoy Advance, which really looks cool. It reminds me of those classic Nintendo games, the Game & Watch type stuff. Classic. The graphics, that i’ve seen soo far aren’t too bad. I was expecting PS2 beater, and what I got was sorta like enhanced N64. Is this a bad thing? Dunno, so far the big N has only shown screenshots of it’s main guns, Mario, Zelda, Metroid. It needs to show arcade style stuff to win against Sony. A great racer, missing on DC, an excellent Beat-em-up. These never existed on the N64, they need to on the Cube.

So I just downloaded a trailer for Star Wars : Rouge Squadron on the N-Cube. Was I watching the movie? Or was I watching realtime footage of the N-Cube? I’ll finish this post with a well needed – Holy Christ With Bells On !!!!

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