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Valencia 2011 – Part 2

In Valencia our hotel was situated right next to the port. Being from the Liverpool City Region we love a good port. It was interesting seeing familiar ships visiting. Our main reason for being here was not to look at the port though. It was to sit on the beach and rest after running the […]

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Valencia – 2011 – Part 1

Our post marathon Spain recovery trip included a few days at a beach in Valencia. Back then I wasn’t much of a beach person but my legs welcomed it so I let them rest. That said, we did 1 bit of exploring which was to go see The City of Arts and Sciences or a […]

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Spain – Day 1

October 2011 On 9th October 2011 I ran the Liverpool marathon. The first marathon in I think 23 years. My time was 5 hours and 24 minutes. The next day we were on the train to Paris for a Refuges des Fondu special and then to Madrid to relax. In planning this trip I forgot […]

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City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava

The other night we were watching the latest episode of Doctor Who, season 10 episode 2. The Doctor and his companion, Bill, landed on an alien world of fields right out of Gladiator and some futuristic looking architecture. That architecture was not all CG models inspired by contemporary designs. It was actually Valencia, Spain and […]

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Calatrava – Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

I love Calatrava’s work in Valencia. It’s bat poop crazy. You’ve got eight different buildings. Each one would be insane on their own but as an entire complex they make up the astounding ‘City of Arts and Sciences’. It’s epic and beautiful. I originally posted these photos back in 2011 but I wanted to revisit […]

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