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The Rain Room

The Rain Room at the Barbican Centre in London is simply incredible. If you haven’t heard about it it’s basically a dark room where it rains. Doesn’t sound like much except that you don’t get wet. You walk towards a rectangular area of torrential rain and an opening appears in front. You walk inside and […]

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The Moment When in Warrington

Torrential rain made it almost impossible to shoot this event. I can’t imagine how hard it was to actually perform in it. I’d take a photo, wipe the lens, take a photo, wipe the lens, etc. Walk the Plank and Cheshire Dance did an incredible job in these conditions. I really enjoyed seeing it and […]

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Lone Windsurfer

This was taken on Bank Holiday Monday, about an hour before Marcel’s image today from the same place. The reason why it looks so noisy is because it was heavily raining. You could see it coming across the Dee, a sheet of rain moving in. I was slowly heading back to the car trying to […]

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